From Darlene...

​San Pedro Itzican is on the top of the list as an emerging local community and I fully support the idea of doing all that we can to provide Days for Girls services there. Here are my reasons why:The chances of of BIG change there are greater due to the involvement of other groups that have pinpointed it as a high-need community.
The level of cooperation from the school system enhances our chances of success.
This is an opportunity to see if penetration on a larger scale can create lasting change in an entire community.
No kit is wasted if it gets into the hands of a girl who really needs it.
Considering past experience, our education and menstrual management have been embraced in this community, along with help from other groups which provide services there. 
Never doubt that one conversation you have with another volunteer here at Lakeside can begin something so special, and expansive, to serve 500+ students who are at risk of remaining trapped in poverty.  That is how this began.  We can make a difference.  
It is in our hands.  Jan will explain how you can help right now to make it happen.
Darlene Macleod, DFG Team Leader
Administration and Management

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