From Hana...

Something extra special happened recently that I want to share with all our Days for Girls Lake Chapala friends and supporters.  The Director of the Secondary School in San Pedro Itizican spoke to me.  It is a large school with 450 students, but only about 100 students continue to attend school for Preparatoria (high school).  One of our very first pilot educational programs was held in this school three years ago with one group.  Now the Director is asking Days for Girls to return and offer the program… to the whole Secondary School!
We have already confirmed our 10-hour program for the first week of school, and to reach the totality of the students might take us months, but we decided to go for it. We want girls and adolescents of San Pedro Itzican to be “Educated… Empowered… Aware”, learning that menstruation isn´t a problem when you have a safe, sustainable and easy way to manage it.  We will teach them to view their cycle as a positive experience, knowing that it is normal and that they are not alone. 
The girls in San Pedro Itzican will live an experience where they will discover the beauty, wonders, and powers of their bodies. We can change things in this special town, one of the most marginal communities in our area. We can provide hope.
When we finish offering our program to the girls in the Secundaria, we wish to continue in the Preparatoria.  We will offer the training to all the teachers as well. And remember mothers and even fathers are invited to participate in our classes and distributions. 
I want to tell you that we can only make this happen by working together.  It is exciting, but returning to a community, especially with this demand for numerous groups, is also a little daunting.  We have grown beyond our capacity for me to conduct classroom sessions alone.  Schools where we have provided services are asking us to return, and more and more new schools and community groups have heard about us and want us to help them also.  We need to expand to hiring a second Menstrual Health Ambassador to meet the demand. 
I know we can do this!
Your dedicated Ambassador,

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